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Recent News of Influenza in the U.S. and Coronavirus

By February 19, 2020April 15th, 2020COVID-19

We hope you all are having a healthy first month of 2020! In recent news, there has been light shed on the influenza spreading throughout the United States. This influenza is contagious especially in large crowds which we highly recommend avoiding. Statistically, this year’s influenza has raised concerns and here at Chi’s Enterprise we want to address it.

Here is the latest on Influenza in the United States:

“The percentage of respiratory specimens testing positive for influenza at clinical laboratories increased from 25.7% to 27.7% this week.”

Data from clinical laboratories have shown 12,715 specimen tested positive for Influenza A and B just this week.

Every week it seems the numbers have drastically risen and we want to help you to be safe and healthy from this influenza. For those who are experiencing symptoms such as runny nose, sore throat or cough. We recommend taking Bamboo Extract and Oxypower. Take Bamboo Extract with 3 capsules twice daily and Oxypower, take 2 capsules twice daily. These should help with symptoms. For those who are looking for prevention, we recommend taking Bamboo Extract, 3 capsules in the morning before leaving the house. Even for children, they can take Bamboo Extract for prevention. We recommend taking one capsule daily. You can break apart the capsule and mix the herbal ingredients into applesauce.

Don’t forget to always wash your hands thoroughly! It will help prevent spreading germs and avoid touching your face.

We also would like to extend our recommendations for those with concerns about the Coronavirus. Bamboo Extract will be extremely beneficial in this case as well. Bamboo Extract has always been beneficial for respiratory issues. During the SARS outbreak in 2003, Bamboo Extract was also recommended. There were many cases where Bamboo Extract was extremely beneficial. Like then, we recommend taking Bamboo Extract during this time. For those who plan on venturing into public places, we recommend taking Bamboo Extract 3 capsules every morning. For those who are feeling a little weak, we recommend taking Bamboo Extract 3 capsules twice daily.

Case Study:

J. Blair, ND from NJ, had a 7-year-old girl taking Bamboo Extract, Reishi Spore Extract and Asparagus Extract. About 20% of schoolchildren at her elementary school were found to be H1N1-positive through nose swab technique. In her class, 5 were given Tamiflu, including herself. With flu-like symptoms, 4 children had to stay at home for weeks. However, the girl only had symptoms for one day and then symptoms cleared.