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Abby's Health Food 1997
Better Health Through Nutrition

Abby’s opened in 1997 with a mission to offer “better health through education.” Abby’s started with three employees and now has over fifty employees. We continue to grow in popularity by offering free educational seminars and classes, as well as free nutritional consultations. Our mantra is to support local independent farmers, co-ops and other community health organizations. We offer our customers a large variety of Non-GMO and organic products to choose from including produce, general grocery items and beauty care, as well as an extensive supplement department.

Café Eden

In 2000, we incorporated Café Eden into the general footprint of the store to offer fresh daily prepared meals without the use of antibiotics, hormones, MSG, GMO’s, food coloring and other additives that we believe should not be in our foods. Abby's staff thoroughly researches each item in stock to ensure the highest quality to meet our nutritional standards. Our hopes are to leave a legacy that will inspire our customers and community to build a healthier world for generations to come.

Abby's Health and Nutrition Today