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Been coming almost 20 years. Abby saved my life, when I had health problems. This place is where I go for health products. I admire what Abby has done in creating this place, that has health as it’s theme. I feel like I know the people there. And appreciate the help through the years, these folks have given me.

- Joseph S.

Love this place. Even though it’s not as big as other stores in the area, their selection is very good. They
also some hard to find items. Also, cafe eden in the back of the store, is incredibly good and has fantastic
variety. Their prices are the same or better compared to similar stores. So if you want less hassle, less
lines, and a local store, go here.

- Andrew V.

Very grateful and health good store like this is close to our home. The staff is friendly and very helpful.
Great cafe too.

- Jay S.

Abby and her crew stock rare supplements and life benefiting products with guidance along the way.
Abby also hosts Dr. Chi often who has benefited patients around the world with his Chinese herbal
formulas allowing the Tampa area and beyond access! I've gone here countless times when my regular
doctors have offered no solution or pushed drugs on me. This place can benefit your life positively in so
many ways. As a future doctor starting medical school in a couple weeks I will hold this store and Abby
with me throughout my career.

- Stephanie B.

I am so impressed with this cozy and authentic health food cafe in one! My family and I visited in April while traveling to Disney. It was such a relief to find somewhere to feed my kiddos with wholesome, organic, delicious foods. I was also able to pick up all of my same remedies (and more!) here as we passed through the area. Their staff was kind and patient to everyone I witnessed them serving, including the way they treated my own family. I was addicted instantly and wished we had one in Michigan! So if you're local and haven't tried Abby's yet, you're missing out. Their ability to combine flavors to magically dance on your taste buds encourages you to indulge. And you can because it's all creatively healthy and nutritious!

- Brigette P.

This place is very delicious and healthy. I have been going here for years. I really like it.

- Sean H.

Best grocery story in Tampa. My family and I used to frequent Abby's before we moved south. Very community driven and supported. Service is excellent! My family had been coming so long that it's hard to just drive by. Whenever I'm in the area I just go because I'm sure I'll find something that I can't get at other stores.

- Tish H.

I love living so close to such a great health and nutrition store! The staff is friendly and knowledgeable
especially Juan and Sarah! 🙂

- Dawn B.

Love this place. Has great groceries at a good price but the best thing is their fresh food bar in the back.
Food is so good and super healthy and clean. Great place to eat. And great place to shop.

- Tyler H.

I stopped by for lunch and again was impressed. The Chicken with Peppers and the Curry Chicken Salad,
OMG! Thanks for proving that you can eat healthy and still enjoy great tasting food!

- David H.

Abby’s is probably one of the best organic nutrition filled store around! Its always a great scene when ever I come and visit. The employees are always more than happy to help me find exactly what I want when. Abby’s does these GENEROUS sales or sample trying its very nice and the best thing any store can do. I count on Abby’s for all my nutrient, organic filled foods!

- Mary A.

I really enjoy coming to Abby's for lunch and sometimes even dinner. I've enjoyed the well cooked meals, the healthy shakes, juices and smoothies. The soups are my fave - namely the chicken chili soup. Customer service is great and it's just a pleasant atmosphere overall. I like to get my essential oils here. The employees are knowledgeable and will go above and beyond to accommodate you with your needs and wants as it pertains to items they carry.

- Tanya O.

Love this place! We buy most everything here - our main shopping place. The people are so friendly, helpful, knowledgeable, and it's the one place you know you'll be buying organic! Plus the prepared dishes in the Cafe Eden are so delicious! Excellent health is worth everything!

- Pamala P.