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Abby Sayler

Abby Sayler, CNHP

Owner/Nutrition Consultant

Abby has a Bachelor of Science degree in Zoology from the University of Maryland, she graduated with honors from the Corcoran School of Art in Washington DC. She has a Masters degree in Medical & Biological Illustration from the University of Michigan. In 1997, she established Abby's Health & Nutrition.

Abby Sayler


Abby founded Abby’s Health & Nutrition in 1997. Her passion was always sharing and teaching the miraculous creation of the human body and how we live and function largely as a result of nutrition and supplementation. To say that she has helped and affected thousands of lives is an understatement. Abby passed away in 2018 and our store and community miss her greatly. To continue reading about Abby’s legacy, click here.

Victor, CNHP

Health Educator / General Manager

Victor was introduced to the health industry in 1997 when he joined Abby's. He helped the company grow from 3 employees to 55 with a dine in café. He loves to assist people in finding their personal path to health through nutrition & supplementation. He graduated John Abbot College with a Business Administration degree, he is a Certified Natural Health Professional & is currently working on his N.D. Degree.

Darlene, CPNHS

Customer Service Manager

Darlene became a part of Abby's in 2011 after raising and homeschooling her 4 children (through high school) for 35 years. As a huge fan (and one of their best customers) of health and nutrition for most of her life, Abby’s was an obvious career choice. Her passion for helping people and talking about health was a natural fit and after 2 years she became the manager of the customer service department and eventually personnel director. Her favorite part of the job is getting to welcome and talk to the many friends, family and customers that visit the store regularly. She also loves learning the latest about health and nutrition, by virtue of working with and assisting Abby and Victor on special events and store initiatives.


Assistant Front End Manager

Carol has been working at Abby’s over 6 years. For the past 12 years, she has been educating herself to help overcome many health problems such as diabetes, over 10 surgeries and multiple injuries, escaping the overmedicating, under diagnosed medical field. Carol was born and raised here in Tampa and loves spending time with her 2 sons and grandson Charlie. She also loves her Abby’s family! Carol is passionate about serving on the security team at her church, swimming, and vacationing at the beach or Carolina mountains.


Grocery Manager

Jennifer got her first job ever at a health food store in 1997 and has been in the industry ever since! While most of her experience is in supplements, she now loves finding great new products for Abby’s grocery department. She is a 20+ year vegetarian and has recently adopted a grain-free diet. Creating art and fabulous meals are how she fills most of her days.


Café Eden Manager

Claudia was born and raised in Argentina. After high school, she attended college and earned her Masters degree in Teaching Arts. She traveled most of South America teaching the tango and folk dance. She is married and has two sons. She is passionate about her family and fills her free time with her kids activities, including soccer and martial arts. She loves to spend time with her husband out in nature.

Claudia started working at Abby's over eight years ago shortly after moving here from Argentina. She worked hard to learn about the company and worked her way up to the position of Café Eden Manager. Claudia is thankful to the Abby’s team for treating her like family and for all the knowledge she has acquired on nutrition and healthy living.

Chef Mike

Chef - Café Eden ToGo, Catering and Personalized Meals

Chef Mike has been working at Abby’s for a little less than a year but grew up in the restaurant business and has even owned a few of his own. Mike was born and raised in Lebanon but moved to New York City in 1976 to finish his bachelor’s degree in International Marketing. He now has three beautiful daughters and a loving wife. He enjoys catering large groups of people, learning more about health and nutrition, creating new recipes, and teaching kids how to cook. He also loves fishing and boating. Chef Mike has a great time working at Abby’s because of the fun and friendly staff and customers.


Farm Director

David joined Abby's in 2014, after enjoying a 40 year career in the real estate industry with involvement in title insurance, casualty insurance, mortgage and real estate investment. His experience as a home organic gardener for 35 years is what got the attention of Abby Sayler when he was recruited to develop her vision of Abby’s Organic Community Farm. His initial involvement required filling-in for a vacancy in the administrative department and as such, has remained involved with the store administratively in accounting, special events, core management and strategic planning.


Nutrition Specialist, C.N.C

Collin Gow, C.N.C is a Certified Nutritional Consultant with the American Association of Nutritional Consultants. He has been working in the fields of health and nutrition for 11+ years and has been researching for over 19 years.

Since he is "Abby-approved" and recommended, Collin provides free, nutritional consultations. During these consultations, Collin answers questions, makes recommendations and helps customers further their health journey.

A great listener and teacher, Collin always attempts to show customers and clients the whole picture of health when possible. ⁣He is an asset to our Abby's team and we're lucky to have him! To schedule a free, nutritional consultation with Collin, please call 813-265-4951 or come into the store.