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Nutritional Consultations

Abby’s Health & Nutrition is more than just your local health food store. In fact, our mission is to bring you better health through education, which is why we are happy to offer nutritional consultations.

Our team consists of a certified nutritional consultant whose experience and research extends for almost twenty years. He has even worked and learned alongside Abby’s Founder, Abby Sayler. He is also an author, is certified in advanced plant identification and wilderness first aid, he has received continuing education credits in herbalism from the American Herbalists Guild, and he was awarded product expert certification by Europharma.

As someone who has gone through his own health challenges, Collin Gow, C.N.C., has gained knowledge and insights about natural foods and supplements so often lacking in conventional medicine. His approach to health and healing is holistic, scientific, personalized and nature-based.

What happens during a consultation?
A great listener and skilled teacher, Collin always attempts to show clients the whole picture of health whenever possible. During your consultation, he will ask you about any current health concerns or goals you might have. Collin will also recommend foods, supplements, and lifestyle changes, along with any necessary therapies, lab tests, and DNA tests that could help you gain biological self-awareness and live healthier. He is offering Facial Blood Flow Scans as well. The scan uses a non-invasive, cutting edge technology and a smartphone camera to measure 200 biomarkers, skin age, mental stress index, heart rate, HR variability, breathing rate, and more!

To learn more about Collin and his nutritional consultations, the Facial Blood Flow Scan, costs, upcoming dates and times, and other events Collin is putting on, click on the links below: 



You can also give the store a call at 813-265-4951 and we will be happy to schedule a time for you.