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Improving Immunity to Help Avoid COVID-19, Series #4

By March 24, 2020April 15th, 2020COVID-19

The COVID-19 is increasing at an even faster rate than we originally thought it was going to. As of right now, the US is the #3 country in confirmed COVID-19 cases, with China being #1. What is worse is that if you compare the two countries by using Total cases/1M population, China is only at 56 whereas the US is at 150. In other words, for every million people in China only 56 people are infected, but for every million people in the US, 150 people are infected. That is almost triple the rate! If we do not do something soon we could be looking at eventually surpassing China in total amount of confirmed cases. In recent days, new cases in China are very minimal. This is due to their containment of transport in and out of the Hubei province and their use of Herbal medicine for improved immunity.

Besides washing our hands thoroughly, social distancing, staying at home, and wearing a mask when out in public we should be taking steps to have good health, good immunity, and positive thinking and also doing these things:

1) Remember to always take 3 capsules of Bamboo Extract in the morning. Today we found out that distributors on Amazon have increased the price of Bamboo Extract to $60 instead of our price of $40. Not only do we not agree with this, but when we find out who is reselling at an increased price we will stop selling them any products immediately. It is immoral and unethical to increase the price of something as important as Bamboo Extract at this time when people need it the most.

2) If you are older or if your lung/respiratory function are weak you should take Oxypower, 2 capsules twice a day anytime. Oxypower will help your body utilize oxygen more efficiently and reduce CRP (inflammation) in your lung, heart, and cardiovascular. CRP should ideally be

3) If you are experiencing any coughing or have been around anybody who has been experiencing coughing quickly take Liver Chi 2 capsules twice a day before meals to increase interferon production (T-Cell immunity) to help fight the COVID-19 RNA virus.

4) If you have coughing and elevated temperature or fever, please go get tested for COVID-19.

In a recent news report on March 18, they reported that 1st time buyer for medical marijuana sales in America increased by 168%. There are a lot of people who are very insecure, worried, & are experiencing anxiety due to the stress from the pandemic that is the coronavirus. A healthier alternative to dealing with stress and anxiety is taking Relaxin and Chi-Happiness. They are herbal supplements with no side effects and have zero risk of addiction. For Chi-Happiness take 2 capsules after lunch so you can increase your serotonin levels because they are lowest at this time then take 2 more after dinner to reduce cortisol to help you sleep better. If you are experiencing a lot of stress & anxiety use Relaxin, take 2 capsules in the morning and take 2 more capsules 1 hour before bedtime. When you are stressed CD4T cells will abnormally produce high amounts of Xanthine which will release and circulate through the brain barrier in the left amygdala. High Xanthine levels in the amygdala alter local neural activity to promote anxiety-like behavior. If one is experiencing too much stress or anxiety it can cause insomnia. Relaxin can reduce Xanthine levels therefore help reduce stress & anxiety. This will also help aid you to get healthy amount of sleep (7 hours). If you do not get a healthy amount of sleep your immunity will be lower.

Remember, if we want our immunity to increase we need to address other underlying issues first like having cold hands or cold feet. If you experience this, it means you have poor blood circulation. All of the organs in our body need good circulation, even the brain. Take Vein Lite 2-3 capsules 1-2 times a day after a meal to address poor circulation.

If your white blood cell count is under 4 (4,000) or your homocysteine levels are over 10, take Asparagus Extract 3 capsules 3 times a day before meals. At Chi’s Enterprises, when we purify 100 kilos of fresh asparagus, it becomes 1 kilo of Asparagus Extract. 9 capsules of Asparagus extract equates to eating half a pound of fresh asparagus. Clinical data shows that taking 9 capsules of Asparagus Extract a day can increase the folate in your blood by 39% in 1 month. Then in 4 months, homocysteine levels will reduce by 28%. So if your homocysteine level is at 10 it can be reduced to 7.2 (normal level is 6-7). Asparagus Extract will increase your NK (Natural Killer cell) and increase CD4 (T helper cell), then your white blood cell count will go up.

80% of our immunity comes from our guts. Poor digestion is also another contributor to low immunity. Those who experience bloating after they eat, constipation, or diarrhea, usually have low immunity. Take Digestron (2 capsules twice before meals) to help your body produce your own digestive enzymes and make your stomach and pancreas more functional. Take CFC (3 capsules before you eat) to help regulate your bowel movement. And take GI Chi (2-3 capsules twice a day before meals) for diarrhea. These three essential products are extremely beneficial to help with digestive issues.

The COVID-19 is something we should all be taking seriously. Taking Bamboo Extract, Oxypower, Liver Chi, & Asparagus Extract for prevention as well for improved immunity is important. We must also follow all the recommendations from the CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention). This way we can reduce the virus is spreading and eventually get it under control.