FREE MPOD Vision Screening – Thursday, September 19, 11am-3pm

By September 2, 2019News & Events

Are your eyes as healthy as you think? Find out with an MPOD test!  

An MPOD test is a reflection of the health of your eyes; specifically, the health of your macula.

What’s your MPOD score?  In less than 90-seconds, the MPOD (macular pigment optical density) machine measures the health of the macula in your eyes.  A lower MPOD score means greater risk for eye damage from exposure to the blue light in our phones, tablets, computers, flat screen TVs, even natural sunlight. A higher MPOD score means greater protection from blue light damage, as well as less eye strain, better night driving vision, and clearer vision as we age. That’s good news! What’s even better is you can increase your MPOD score by consuming more lutein and zeaxanthin!  Lutein and zeaxanthin are crucial nutrients for your eye health; they improve the health of your macula. Lutein and zeaxanthin work like internal sunglasses for your eyes.

Take your MPOD test today!  It’s free, provided by Wiley’s Finest. Join us Sunday, April 19th from 9am-2pm! 

Give us a call to schedule yours today – (813) 265-4951

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