Conscious Mind Mastery Workshop – Saturday, September 21, 2019

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We are very excited to co-sponsor an upcoming Transformational live event in Tampa, “Conscious Mind Mastery,” to be held at the beautiful Downtown Marriott Water Street on Saturday, September 21st.

This amazing workshop will help you clear deep rooted blockages, negative emotional patterns, and limiting beliefs, that are preventing you from manifesting all your dreams and goals. You’ll also learn:

  • ​Learn how the emotional stresses, events and situations in your past become your emotional baggage and how it shapes who you are today
  • ​Experience and go through a full day of conditioning, clearing, reprogramming, along with visualization meditations, and Qi (chi) Gong exercises.
  • Learn how to tap the Matrix or Quantum Field with ancient Qi (chi) Gong techniques and ancient meditation techniques that have survived time and can assist you to release emotional stresses and baggage.
  • Learn to identify and remove our emotional masks that were created from our emotional traumas and experiences that actually limit our full potential.
  • Identify why you can’t get the things you want, what is holding you back, and preventing from reaching your true potential.
  • Find which self-limiting factors are showing up in your life in the form of repeating patterns, thoughts, events, emotions, habits, and more. Then, come up with a solution to change and get through these blockages.
  • Learn why we have negative thoughts, where they come from, and why unwanted events and situations keep repeating according to what is in your energy field and what you are projecting.
  • Master the art of aligning yourself to greater possibilities and to upgrade your energy field through the application of techniques that have prevailed for thousands of years. Get ready to magnetize your life to achieve all your dreams!

General Registration: $125

Early Bird Registration: $85, if registered before August 25th

Want to register? Visit to get started and learn more!

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