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ASEA Redox June Promotion

By May 27, 2020June 23rd, 2020News & Events

It is no secret that millions of people around the world suffer from weak immune systems, hormone imbalance, unhealthy inflammatory responses and more. While these challenges can often stem from environmental factors such as stress and diet, our age can also play a part.

As we age, our metabolism slows down and we are unable to absorb all the nutrients we once did. When we’re young, our cells renew every 28 days. However, once we hit 50, that number jumps to every 90 days.

Inside our bodies, our mitochondria make special molecules called Redox signaling molecules, which are responsible for all cellular mechanisms such as aging, inflammation and cancer. They protect the health of our cells, as well as detect and fix damaged cells.

As we get older, our ability to make these particular molecules diminishes. For example, have you ever noticed how bumps and bruises disappear quickly on children but seem to stay forever on someone who is elderly? The reason for this is that the cells of an elder adult are not communicating as quickly as they did when they were younger. Learn more about all this here.

Believe it or not, there is actually a way to replenish our supply of these necessary Redox signaling molecules with a supplement called ASEA Redox.

The product is a liquid supplement that is made using water (H2O) that has been highly purified by both reverse osmosis and distillation. The pure water is then combined with pure salt (NaCl) before undergoing a patented process that oxidizes and reduces the saline into the final atomically restructured liquid. The result is no longer a saline solution; no longer salt and water. It is a balanced buffet of redox molecules.

Wondering what makes ASEA so unique? Aside from the fact that it’s the FIRST and ONLY Redox signaling supplement, it contains the exact molecules that are native to our bodies. This means that our bodies will know exactly how to respond and will begin to reinforce and replenish our cells naturally.

One bottle of ASEA Redox is 32 ounces and lasts about a week if you’re taking the recommended dose of 2 ounces/2x per day. Just like with any new supplement you start taking, we need to give our bodies time to adjust, which is why it is recommended to use the product for 90 days. Based on research, most individuals taking ASEA Redox have noticed positive results within those 90 days!

We are happy to offer ASEA Redox at Abby’s for our customers to purchase. One 32-ounce bottle is $36.99 and one case, which is 4 32-ounce bottles, is $140. Auto-ship is also available and saves you $10 per month, so you get 4 bottles for $130 delivered straight to your door!

For the month of June, if you purchase a case of ASEA Redox on auto-ship with a commitment of at least 90 days, you will receive a free bottle of their skincare lotion, Renew 28 (2.7 oz size with a retail value of $50).

RENEW 28 is a whole body skin therapy and can be used for more than just your face. The lotion can be used for inflammation, wrinkles, body aches and more.

To learn more about either of these two products, we encourage you to stop by Abby’s and speak to one of our associates.