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Lab Testing without Your Doctors Orders

We have partnered with Life Extension to offer convenient lab testing without having the hassle of going through your doctor. Choose from more than 25 different tests including gut health, food and environmental allergies, mood conditions and more.

Know your numbers, get a detailed picture of your overall health and know your risks.

The process is simple.

1. Visit our store to see a list of the available tests and receive an order form.

2. After filling out an order form, you will pay for your test(s) in-store and we will submit your order to Life Extension.

3. After Life Extension receives your order form, they will send you further instructions on how to go about collecting and submitting your sample to them.

4. Once your sample is collected, the lab will process it and send the results directly to you.

The Life Extension Wellness Specialists are available 7 days a week to review your results and answer your questions – for free.

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