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Injury Caused Arthritis

By March 30, 2018February 11th, 2021Abby's Answers


Are there any supplements for injury caused arthritis?


Dear Bob,
I recommend a timed-released buffered vitamin C to be taken along with proline and lysine in the morning and evening to keep your blood level of vitamin C high. Vitamin C hydroxylates proline to produce hydroxyproline, the main constituent of collagen and also hydroxylates lysine resulting in hydroxylysine, raising elastin to improve
tissue elasticity.

In addition, MSM and Hyaluronic Acid support articular cartilage. Controlling inflammation is important. Turmeric with high curcuminoids works well.

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  • J says:

    You should see an orthopedic surgeon if you have an injury. Reducing inflammation in the body might help reduce pain. To do this for myself I eat organic fruits vegetables and lean meats. I avoid grains and hydrogenated vegetable oils which are high in omega 6. And eat omega 3 rich foods and oils (salmon, olive oil and good fish oil supplements). Feel better!