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Abby’s COVID Policy

Face masks are not required.

Due to the recent executive order signed by Governor Ron DeSantis, Abby’s is no longer requiring face masks for our customers or our employees.

If you choose to enter our facility, please be kind and polite to others.

Thank you for your cooperation.

What We’re Doing

  • We have installed an air filtration system called Green Tech Technology, which runs 24/7 through the store A/C vents. There have been countless studies on the effects of the air we breath and the impacts on our immune system, so we feel this change was more than necessary.
  • Our staff is continually sanitizing all surfaces, phones, doorknobs, countertops, carts and baskets nightly and during peak hours.
  • Any staff who are symptomatic are sent home or asked to stay home for at least 72 hours of being symptom free
  • We provide our staff with immune building supplements to keep them and their families healthy

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